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A&R BATH SHOP makes the best natural handmade skin care products. Handcrafted in small batches in London, UK.


At A&R BATH SHOP we believe that a good product should contain good quality ingredients. We strive to develop and provide unique, fresh and effective products to promote healthy skin and natural glow.

All our products are UK/EU tested, approved and certified, meeting the highest standards in health and safety. We have deliberately sourced our raw material from suppliers within the UK/EU to ensure they all comply with the regulations applicable within the UK and EU regarding the manufacture and sale of bath and body products.

Our Ethical Ethos

Recyclable and Fairtrade products

At A & R BATH SHOP we strive to be as ethical as possible; we try to use fully recyclable packaging, and we use fairtrade ingredient as possible. 

Kind to Animals

We have never tested and will never test on animals, and we make sure all our suppliers are cruelty-free too. Most of our products are vegetable or plant-based, so suitable for vegans.

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